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Less Time

When shooting, time is money. Between taking measurements and predicting actor movements, much time is spent on your sharps. The last thing you want is to log-jam the day's schedule due to soft takes. 

With Andra Motion Focus, spend less time on prep and more time on creative pulls during that dramatic scene.

The result? A shorter work day, giving both your budget and your cast and crew some much needed breathing room.

Fewer Takes

Even a small production has many moving parts, any of which can ruin a take. Unlike some mistakes, missed focus can’t be fixed in post-production, so the pressure is enormous to get it right. 

With Andra Motion Focus, get it right the first time, every time. Quickly move on to the next shot, keeping the shooting schedule locked down tight.

Multiple takes and schedule overruns because of missed focus? Not on your watch... or ours.

Handle Less Equipment

Setup takes time from your shooting day. Adding multiple subjects or larger performance areas, adds time and equipment. 

Andra Motion Focus keeps you streamlined, with a simple end-to-end solution that works with most geared lenses with hard stops. With some pre-prep, the system can be set up in less time than it takes to reheat that coffee you never seem to get around to finishing. 

Always on the move? No problem. Our system is lightweight and easily transported to your next location. Reach new heights of efficiency no matter where you are.