Why Motion Focus


Precise Tracking

Whether the object is moving, the camera, or both, Motion Focus keeps your subject in focus. Switch quickly between any fixed or moving object, with the option to seamlessly take full manual control at any time.

Get Sequencing + Repeatability

Set up complex sequences and make difficult pulls on the first take. Switch between focus points at the pace you want – just decide when and how quickly you want to pull focus. Then run it again with the exact same prescision.

8K Future Proof

Focus errors become glaring at high resolution. Large format and IMAX® is growing. 8K is here. With Motion Focus you’re ahead of the game.

Improve your accuracy


A New Filmmaking Frontier

Motion Focus unlocks never before seen creative possibilities to heighten tension, direct attention, and maximize dramatic impact. No need to stress about low light and moving cameras. How will it make your next project better?

Motion Focus + Manual

With Andra you take command of every shot. Seamlessly switch between Motion Focus and  Manual Control at any time.

Actor + Camera improvisation

Forget about hitting marks, now you and your actors can live in the moment. Motion Focus is perfect for reality and documentary style shooting, but with the sharp look of big budget cinema. Make the most of the moment.

Explore other possibilities


Less Time

Do away with focus marks and reduce the number of camera rehearsals. Now you can spend less time prepping and more time shooting.

Fewer Takes

Ensure the best performance is also the best shot and avoid double digit takes.

Less Expensive

Up the ante on production values without upping the cost. Now you can feel safe to shoot handheld with a smaller lighting package and still get the quality you need.

See how it makes your set better