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Nail the Shot

When pulling focus, accuracy is crucial. In a run-and-gun situation, that can be a challenge.

Andra Motion Focus tracks with near-zero latency, for immediate, sharp focus. Whether the camera, the subject - or both -  are moving, focus remains true. Nailing that action shot with multiple focal points? You've got this.

Set Your Standard

Set up complex sequences and master difficult pulls the first time, every time. 

Remove the marks and measurement guesswork and concentrate on enhancing the scene with full control of the speed and location of the pull. Multiple takes? No problem. Run it again, knowing that every shot will be crisp.

Let Andra Motion Focus take care of the science, while you take care of the art. 

Game-Changing Precision

Focus errors stand out at high resolution, especially during close-ups. Large format and IMAX® is growing. 4K is becoming the standard and 8K is upon us. Andra Motion Focus keeps you ahead of the curve with unparalleled accuracy. 

With sub-centimeter precision, easily pull between your subject's eyes, nose, or even from left eye to right eye. Whether the subject is stationary or on the move, those high-res close-ups focus exactly as envisioned.