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Attain Your Vision

You have a vision but technology hasn't kept pace with your imagination, forcing you to settle.

Andra Motion Focus makes the impossible, possible. Low-light? No problem; shoot wide open. Objects crossing in front of a moving subject? Easy; no line of sight needed.

Capture the shots you've only dreamed about, AND didn't dare dream about. It’s time to let them ALL out to play.

Broaden Your Options

With freedom, comes creativity, and Andra Motion Focus gives you that freedom. Explore new ideas and push beyond the realms of possibility, without the added worry of a blown shot due to focus issues. Whether setting up a choreographed sequence of preset focus marks, or shooting an improve and racking focus on the fly, you have complete control of what’s in focus and when it’s in focus.

With time saved during setup and less takes needed, you can experiment with the "What if...?" scenarios and actually make them happen.

Maximize Dramatic Impact

Those Jaw-dropping moments are difficult to create; sometimes you only get one take (alien chest-bursting scene, anybody?). With sub-centimeter precision and near-zero latency, you can shoot wide open without botching those "Did you SEE that?!?" moments.

Is the drama of the quiet kind? Whether shooting a close-up reaction, or a gun barrel moving abruptly towards the lens, focus stays sharp, even on the largest HD screens.