Mobile System

Mobile System – 16′ x 16′ (Diameter) performance area

(Limited time: includes LM9 Lens Motor)

Core Motor Control system 1
Bridge Motion Capture component of the Andra Radius System 1
Ambit Creates the Magnetic Field for the Performance Area 1
Pack Lightweight wireless transmitters (accommodates up to 4 sensors) 1
Sensor Used to track position within the performance area (6 degrees of freedom) 1
LM9 Lens Motor 1
Stylus Kit Includes Sensor Mount, Sensor and Pack 1
Core Power Cable 8pin1B to PowerTap Male Cable, 2ft length 1
Lens Motor Cable 7pin1B to 7pin1B Cable, 2ft length 1
Bridge/Core Cable 8pin1B to 6pin0B Cable, 4″ length 1
Ambit Power Cable 1
Universal Accessory Mount Connects Core/Bridge to Camera 1
Grid Mounting Plate Multi Ambit Mounting Plate (used in grid setup) 1
Grip Stick Ambit/Camera Mount 1